Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Prestige (2006): Kanishka Jain

The period mystery thriller The Prestige 2006 was set in the 19th Century, the film was well directed by Christopher Nolan and got numerous appreciations. Celebrated Costume Designer Joan Bergin designed the typical Victorian era costumes. The primary Protagonist Robert Angier played by Hugh Jackman is a stage magic and is a person with ample wealth and is dressed as the ‘Upper Class’ in the respective time. Bergin designed all the costumes in sync with the character and all of them were custom made.

The film was shot in the early 2000’s and the costumes were supposed to be kept very true to its time. So we see the use of tight fitting, calf length frock coats and a waistcoat or vest, cravats or neckties and breeches. The shirts were made of linen or cotton with low collars and were worn with wide cravats. Formal evening dress remained a dark tailcoat and trousers with a dark waistcoat as scene in the scenes where he is presenting on the stage. The protagonist gets on to be designated the title of Lord and thus his dress up later changes according to his status, though the colors grow more towards a sober tone than his earlier dramatic self. Consequently the character achieved the effect of the time line and as a viewer I was well satisfied in imagining the 19th century sensation.

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