Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Suitable Attired, William Hamilton by Varvara Tsepkova

The author discussion is about formal look in menswear- suit. He talks about the "dot-coms" that almost killed it, as they did not need formal clothing to make business. The author talks about the difference in menswear between 1796 and 1896 and he says that difference was huge and those from 1786 would look like costume party clothes nowadays, but clothes from 1896 would still be fine today. He talks about the role of suit through out the 200 last years, and that suits in mass production had offered to man. Author explores the question why menswear did not change as much as woman wear. First, because men like to dress defensively and second the TV promoted suit.

Today with the cuber space there is a new way of dressing and it is more relaxed, but there are still ceremonies and those are the dressy places. The author suggest that the role of suit today becomes ceremonial costume. And he questions if suit will become a trend or will die as the way of dressing.

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