Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Landis 1980's by Varvara Tsepkova

Film studious were doing great given multimillion dollars 'facelift' studios became dream factories. Studios were promoting public renting of costumes as the way of getting money. As studious moved production out of L.A. costume designers were setting workrooms on locations around the world.

The success of pictures was unpredictable. Studios were bought and sell by big corporations for status reasons.

80's marketing cost for movies would go up to 1/3 of its total budget. A lot of marketing techniques were invented in 1980 to promote films. Focus groups "preview cards" -became established part of the film making process.

1980 "popcorn" movies where making top-grossing films of all time

Home video appeared as a new market for film industry.

Teenagers were established audience of the cinema and movie studios perused their new established audience. Hollywood concentrated on meeting on demands of the marketplace rather than on intellectual part.

Talent agents were offering "packages" with stars and directors.

Movie stars gained lot of power during 80, and they leverage their grosses into ever-increasing salaries. The studios were following the formula of 'below the line' production cost and above the line' salaries of actors directors and writers.

Anthea Sylbert says that costume budget were the smallest budget in production. In the early 1980 the role of costume designers was underestimate, to only being on the set for first weeks, and not working on the movie the whole time.

Costume-fashion connection went both ways, product placement took place for costumes, though sometimes it was totally impropriety for characters of the movie. Italian French and 7 avenue designers were landing cloths for modern films-costume designers names where lost in the barrage of fashion brands.

Film costume of 1980 movies had a great influence on fashion, and screened looks influenced trend in fashion world. By late 1980 employment of costume designers expanded, as their role within the narrative of the film was re discovered as an important one.

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